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Article Title: Comparison of Different Methods of Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) Using the Gara-Tie-Dye Wastewater


Abstract This study investigates the suitability of various types of dichromate (photometric and titrimetric) and permanganate (acidic titrimetric and alkaline titrimetric) methods of determining COD in three different samples A, B and C of gara-ti-dye wastewater. Results indicate that the photometric and titrimetric dichromate methods gave higher COD concentration because of complete oxidation of the organic matter in the gara-tie-dye wastewater than the permanganate methods. For samples A and C, results of the dichromate method was significantly higher (p>0.05) than the permanganates. The acidic and alkaline permanganate gave comparable results and within the same order of magnitude but were lower than both the dichromate methods. The photometric and titrimetric dichromate methods were comparable and were found to be more suitable for the determination of the COD of gara-tie-dye wastewater. Keywords: Chemical Oxygen Demand, gara-tie-dye wastewater, dichromate method, permanganate method