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Article Title: Revisiting the issue of Cadmium (Cd) and Lead (Pb) contents of some Cigarettes in Nigeria


White London (A), Rothmans (B), and Benson and Hedges (C) are some of the popular cigarettes routinely smoked in Nigeria. Estimation of Pb and Cd contents in these brands of cigarettes was done to establish the level of these toxic metals and the possible socio – medical implication on the community and the smokers. Samples of each brand was appropriately treated and analysed for Pb and Cd using atomic absorption spectrophotometry. The mean Pb contents were 0.70μg/g, 0.69μg/g and 0.53μg/g while the mean Cd contents were 0.68μg/g, 0.56μg/g and 0.50μg/g in cigarettes A, B and C respectively. Although relatively low levels of toxic trace metal were found in Nigerian cigarettes, compared to what obtains in cigarettes from other parts of the world, their trace metals contents were in the order A>B>C. However, the need to ensure standardization in the concentration of these trace metals in the various brands of cigarettes during processing was also highlighted