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Article Title: Acute Toxicity Studies of The Leaves of Two Varieties of Adenia lobata (JACQ.) on Wistar Albino Rats


Adenia lobata (Jacq.) Engl. is a medicinal plant used as a local medicine in Africa, including Nigeria, in the treatment of various illnesses such as cough, abscesses and cancer. This study was done to determine the acute toxicity of the aqueous-methanolic leaf extracts of Adenia lobata with cordate leaves (ALC) and Adenia lobata with palmate leaves (ALP) on female Wistar albino rats. A total of 42 albino rats were divided in three groups namely: ALC treatment group, ALP treatment group and Control group. After two weeks of acclimatization, the animals in the treatment groups were given a single dose of the leaf extracts in a step wise manner according to their dose groups and the rats in the control group were administered distilled water only. Observation was done for behavioural signs of toxicity, mortality, changes in food consumption and weight for 14 days after which the animals were sacrificed. Haematological, liver function and kidney function tests were carried out on the blood samples while histological assessments were carried out on the heart, kidney, liver and colon. The results of the acute toxicity showed no mortality and the LD50 cut off values were observed to be ˃ 2000 mg/kg body weight and there was no significant difference (p˃0.05) between the treatment group and control group in all the parameters assessed. These findings suggest that the aqueous-methanolic leaf extracts of the two varieties of Adenia lobata had no harmful effect on the Wistar albino rats.